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JOHN CARROLL SKINNER GENEALOGICAL COLLECTION:  John Carroll Skinner was a professional genealogist and author with strong ties to Darlington, Lee, and Sumter Counties, SC. Skinner's genealogical interests were not limited just to these counties, but embraced all areas of South Carolina. He was well known for his comprehensive research, his knowledge of the available resources, and his leadership in the South Carolina Genealogical Society. Upon his death, his genealogical collection consisted of tens of thousands of index cards, hundreds of books and files, and scores of completed genealogical research projects. For several years this collection remained in storage awaiting a fitting home. The Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS approached Skinner's heirs and asked that the Skinner Genealogical Collection be housed in the Hartsville Genealogical Research Library. The ODDC SCGS would undertake the massive task of sorting, cataloging, and making available to the public this collection. In early 1998, the ODDC SCGS was given this opportunity by the Skinner family. The Skinner Genealogical Collection was placed at the Hartsville Genealogical Research Library. After a year of work, the collection was finally made fully available to the public in early 1999. 

The surnames and subjects listed below represent only a portion of the Skinner Genealogical Collection. This index of the tens of thousands of cards was prepared by ODDC SCGS officer, Lynn W. Lee.  Some topics are represented by only a few cards in the Skinner Collection, other topics may be represented by scores of index cards.


WHAT IS CONTAINED IN THE SKINNER GENEALOGICAL COLLECTION?  The collection consists of thousands of index cards.  The information focuses primarily on South Carolina, although other states are represented.  Below are several samples of the type of information that is contained in the collection. 


                                                                                                                     Richland County, SC
    May, James                                                                                               (1) Equity 
      Equity Roll # 187    D: 29 Dec 1821

    James May Died 1811 Leaving;
                                                            Widow: Elizabeth
                                                            Children; Gilbert
                                                                              Mary Ann
                                                                              Lucy Wallace
                                                                              and John
    Gilbert May left the state in embarrassed circumstances.
                                                                                                                Equity Roll # 187


                                                                                                                   Richland County, SC
    May, James                                                                                               (2) Equity

    Lucy Wallace married Thomas Flowers on 20 June 1820

    Lucy Wallace mentions her son James

    Joseph B. Stanton, Thomas Heath and Thompson Ware were appointed to select the
    Negro that is to go to Lucy Wallace Flowers
                                                                                                                  Equity Roll # 187


                                                                             Sumter County, SC Census 1860
    Galloway, Abraham

      4645    [*] Abam Galloway        70M    born ca. [1790]
                   [*] Kitsey Galloway        67F    born ca. [1793]    NC
                   [*] Martha Galloway       22F    born ca. [1838]
                   [*] Richard Galloway      31M    born ca. [1829] 

    SC Dept. Archives
    Sumter Co. SC.
    Census 1860  4645


                                                                                          Darlington County, SC
    Galloway, Elizabeth J.

                                            [Gravestones in Galloway Cemetery]

    Susannah C.                           Elizabeth J. Galloway                    Albert O.J.C. Galloway
        Wife of                                      Aug 12 1843                                      Sept 05 1862
    J.W. Northcut                              Nov 02 1910                                      Sept 13 1917
    born Jan 25 1845
    died June 18 1908

    Galloway Cemetery, Darlington Co. SC


                                                                                     Charleston County, SC
    May, James

    Char. Wills Vol II P. 68

    James May
    15 Apr 1767    P. 11 May 1767
    Wife:    Elizabeth May
    Son:     John May
                 James May
    Dau:     Lucy May

    Exec:    Wife Elizabeth May & John Thomas Jr.

    Wit:       Thomas Taylor
                   Nathan Mils
                   Martha Taylor

    Char. Co. SC Wills    Vol II p 68

You are invited to visit the Hartsville Genealogical Research Library, 114 South Fourth Street, Hartsville, SC to conduct your own research in this collection. Copies may be made in person at the library.

I AM OUT OF TOWN (STATE), CAN I OBTAIN COPIES?  YES, please read further.

Due to the overwhelming response that we have had to this list, we are going to try to fill requests for copies by mail. However, please keep in mind that our staff is "all volunteer," and most of our folks work full time, so please be patient.

HOW DO I FIND THE SURNAME OR TOPIC I AM INTERESTED IN?  A little trick.. if you do not want to scroll all of these names. Go up and click on "Edit" at the top of your screen. Then click on "Find" or it may say "Find in Top Window." Put in the name you are looking for and it will go to it on this page.

HOW DO I  ORDER COPIES OF THE INFORMATION IN THE SKINNER GENEALOGICAL COLLECTION?  Copies of the cards in the Skinner Genealogical Collection are 33 cents each, postpaid.  There is a MINIMUM ORDER of $10.00. 

IF THE NUMBER OF CARDS IS LISTED NEXT TO THE SURNAME OR TOPIC THE PROCEDURE IS EASY:  Determine how many cards are in the set(s) you desire.  Multiply the number of cards by .33.  Mail a check or money order payable to ODDC SCGS to the address below and your order will be filled as quickly as possible.

EXAMPLE #1-  Barrett Family-  44 cards times .33 = $14.52.

EXAMPLE #2-  Anchors Family- 25 cards + Beach Family- 3 cards + Broom Family- 16 cards + Boulware Family- 11 cards = 55 cards times .33 = $18.15.

EXAMPLE #3- Ambrose Family- 13 cards times .33 = $4.29 (Sorry, MINIMUM ORDER OF $10.00.  If you desire, you MAY purchase only these 13 cards, but the cost is $10.00.)

IF THE NUMBER OF CARDS IS NOT LISTED NEXT TO THE SURNAME OR TOPIC, PLEASE FOLLOW THIS PROCEDURE:  Select the families or topics you are interested in and e-mail the Chapter's Officers.  We will count the number of cards and respond to you in a couple of days.  You can then decide to order the cards.


Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS
PO BOX 175
HARTSVILLE, SC  29551-0175  

I HAVE ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS.  You may email Chapter's Officers for further information.


I got the copies of the cards for Mozingo and Kea last week. I really appreciate your quick response. I see in your note that there are an additional 150 cards for the surname Key. I think I will wait on that. I'm hoping to get up that direction this summer and I will check those then. In checking land records I had come across a Mozingo name - Jesse Mozingo - I wasn't familiar with as a witness in an 1806 land transaction and had hoped to find a possible lead on him.

Thanks for all your help.


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