Reynolds DNA

REYNOLDS DNA testing could solve the mystery of what REYNOLDS/RUNNELS are related!  
Researchers have been working for years to find out if the Abraham and William REYNOLDS/RUNNELS in late 1700's Darlington District were related and if so, how close.  As many of you know, Stephen Frederick Tillman stated in his book, The Reynolds Family 1530-1959, that Abraham was son of William Reynolds of Edgefield District, SC and that they were descendants of Chirstopher Reynolds of County Kent, ENG b. c. 1530.  Tillman lists Abraham as James Abraham, and we have not found that connection or our Abraham being called James Abraham.  He does not show sources.  He may have made the mistake by finding Abraham's probate and  at the top of the left page where his name is, off to the right is the name James, but it is for James Mims, whose last name is then on left top of page to the right of this along with Elijah Runnels as Administrators for Abraham.  A male continuous Reynolds/Runnels descendant of Abraham, with no known connections to William has been tested by Family Tree DNA.  If a male continuous Reynolds descendant of William, who is not a descendant of Abraham, a test would show if Abraham and William were related and possibly how close.  If a male continuous Reynolds descendant of the William in early Edgefield District were tested, it would show if the Edgefield Reynolds is indeed connected to either of the Darlington District Reynolds/Runnels. Years ago when researchers tried to find out what sources Stephen Tillman used, he had passed away and his wife had thrown out his research.  REYNOLDS DNA testing could be the break we have been searching for.  The Abraham Reynolds/Runnels descendant with the 25 marker test already done is Robert Houston Reynolds Sr.  His sister Mrs. Margaret (Peggy) Ann Reynolds Nesbitt is the contact person for him, at 3725 E. Hermosa Vista Dr., Mesa, AZ, (480) 854-9691;  More information about Family Tree DNA testing and the families involved can be found at  The Reynolds family contact person is: James Reynolds Hull,